Highly anticipated weekend by the fans with the conclusion (at least it’s first half) of the iconic series Money Heist (La Casa de Papel)!

Check out our mini-review and have a great weekend!

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Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) – Part 5 – Volume 1


For the first time on our website, we are going to talk about a series we didn’t like. But we still felt it was important to cover the conclusion of such an iconic series in popular culture. On the two episodes that Netflix showed us, the intensity and the frenzy are at their maximum as well as the direction that is very nervous especially during the action scenes. This first part of the season continues directly after the season 4. We enjoyed to see again this red suit and this iconic mask! The rest really leaves us doubtful with its completely improbable twists. Except for the Professor, who is in a very bad position, the rest of the cast is quite bad and plays relatively poorly, only screaming during most of the episodes and we are very little interested in what they will become. The characters are caricatures to excess and some of their choices are hardly understandable and believable. We are often at the level of a bad telenovela at this level. The creators of the series have corrected this aspect with their new creation, Sky Rojo, which is much better paced and dynamic. We do not tell you more to avoid spoiling you and we wish the fans to enjoy the conclusion of their favorite series. To finish, we really regret the choice to cut this last season in two parts!


La Casa de Papel Part 5, currently under production, will be a 10-episode final season. In the words of showrunner Álex Pina: “We have spent almost a year thinking about how to destroy the band. How to put the Professor on the ropes. How to get into situations that are irreversible for many characters. The result is the fifth season of La Casa de Papel. The war reaches its most extreme and savage levels, but it is also the most epic and exciting season”.




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