A wide variety of choices and genres await you this weekend, we decided to feature the excellent Netflix documentary about Michael Schumacher.

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The release of the next season of Drive to Survive is still a long way off so what better way to wait than to dive into the career of the legend Michael Schumacher? With this excellent documentary, Netflix offers us to discover how this young German kart driver will become one of the best F1 drivers in the world. We are immediately impressed by the quality and variety of the archive footage and this also applies to the various speakers. Their testimonies are very interesting, especially those of his wife Corinna. By the way, don’t expect any shocking revelations about Michael’s condition or to see him in his bed, the subject is dealt with in a very dignified way. Let’s go back to the sporting aspect, it’s really interesting to discover his progression over the seasons and especially his various rivalries with Ayrton Senna, Damon Hill or Mika Häkkinen. Schumacher is a real competitor who was very often at the limit in the numerous overtaking and other duels. The testimonies of Hill and Häkkinen on this subject are really cool to hear. We discover then that Schumacher had really two very different personalities, the pilot and the father of family. This reminds us of the current duels between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. The documentary also takes its time to show us the backstage of the Ferrari seasons. Their car was clearly not up to par and we discover Schumacher’s dedication to help the mechanics develop a better car. His dedication and respect for his team is really touching. They will be rewarded when Schumacher will become world champion in 2000, which had not happened for Ferrari since 1979! Don’t miss this excellent documentary which presents a legend as a man with his enormous qualities as a driver but also his weaknesses!


The ultimate documentary of Formula 1 icon Michael Schumacher. SCHUMACHER features rare interviews and previously unreleased archive footage and traces a very sensitive and critical portrait of the seven-time world champion. This is the only film supported by his family.




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