Let’s go into full animation mode for our new selection with the return of Chip & Dale in a very satirical film and the new adult and gory episodes of Love, Death + Robots!

Check out our mini-reviews and have a great weekend!

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Chip ‘n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers


Big event on Disney+ with the return of the much loved and super cute characters, Chip and Dale! And don’t expect a simple and stupid feature version of the animated series of the beloved past. This is a satirical film about the Hollywood business and the animation business in particular. The filmmakers had the great idea to show what happens to our favorite animated characters when they are not shooting a movie or a series. Some of them become very quickly “has-been” attending to various fan conventions (the Ugly Sonic sequence is a great moment!), others give in to the call of plastic surgery (replaced here by a CG augmentation). The basic story is very funny with beloved toons who are kidnapped and then retouched to end up in bootleg versions of their films. We will then follow our two heroes in search of their friends. The criticism of the Hollywood environment and its narcissistic stars is present in almost every sequence, especially with the characters of the Uncanny Valley where we find characters from Cats fighting for leftover food or this poor guy from Beowulf. The mix of animation styles is really great and it’s very impressive to see so many references and winks. The clip of Batman vs E.T. is to die of laughter! The film is very enjoyable to watch and has the merit of not wanting to do too much. The length is ideal and the scenario very pleasant to follow. Don’t miss this adventure in the merciless world of animation!


A comeback 30 years in the making, “Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers” catches up with the former Disney Afternoon television stars in modern-day Los Angeles.



Love, Death + Robots – Volume 3


What a great pleasure for three years now to discover adult animated shorts with the excellent anthology Love, Death + Robots produced by Tim Miller and David Fincher. The latter returns to direct one of the episodes as well as Tim Miller who has directed episodes in each season. It is also the occasion to discover the new visual masterpiece signed by Alberto Mielgo! This new season offers us a lot of crazy and varied stories, from meta-physical and dreamlike science-fiction to zombie movies to war movies. The tone is always adult and without concessions. The level of violence and gore is at its highest. It’s really hard not to see them all in a row because the rhythm is so well mastered and the variety of stories is so well done. The visual styles are again very different and really beautiful. Don’t wait any longer and go watch these new episodes! We really hope that there will be a next volume !


Emmy-winning animated anthology Love, Death + Robots returns with a third volume executive produced by Tim Miller (Deadpool, Terminator: Dark Fate) and David Fincher (MINDHUNTER, Mank). Terror, imagination and beauty combine in new episodes which stretch from uncovering an ancient evil to a comedic apocalypse, telling startling short stories of fantasy, horror and science-fiction with trademark wit and visual invention.




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