For our new selection, we couldn’t miss the arrival of the Master Chief and Halo with the end of the really long wait!

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The wait for a high end adaptation of the video game Halo has been long overdue. This adaptation went through a lot of twists, development hell and various turns before finally being released this week on Paramount+. We haven’t play the game so we can’t tell you if it’s a faithful adaptation but it’s done with a lot of desire and budget. The series brings Master Chief into the conflict between humanity and the Covenant aliens. He will quickly be confronted with an inconvenient truth and dark secrets after the discovery of a mysterious artifact. The series sets up its universe and its main characters with an impressive opening action sequence. The style is quickly defined, we are in a hard and gory science fiction show. The artistic direction seems to be faithful to the video game and the charisma of the Spartans works really well and of course the Master Chief in first. This one is played by Pablo Schreiber that we saw in 13 Hours and Skycraper. He has an impressive stature and his strong (cold?) personality works perfectly. The rest of the cast is also well chosen except for 1-2 characters who lack charisma. An interesting note is that Jen Taylor who was the voice of Cortanna in the video games reprises her character for the series. The aliens of the Covenant are also very good and we really feel the threat they represent for the humans. The series takes us on a journey across the galaxy through many interesting and exotic environments. After two episodes, we can’t wait to discover more!


Aliens threaten human existence in an epic 26th-century showdown. TV series based on the video game ‘Halo’.




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