For this new weekend, we propose you a vampire hunt with Day Shift and to spend some time with our favorite Guardian, Baby Groot, in I Am Groot!

Check out our mini-reviews and have a great weekend!

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Day Shift


Fans of B-movies will be delighted with this new Netflix movie that offers us a vampire hunt in California that doesn’t take itself too seriously. We’ll follow Jamie Foxx who, under the guise of being a pool cleaner, is in fact a formidable vampire hunter who absolutely must earn money to prevent his ex-wife from leaving for the other side of the country with his daughter. We then discover a hidden and organized world of vampire hunting, a kind of organization and also its black market. The action scenes are very well choreographed thanks to the ability of some vampires to contort themselves in an extreme way. One of the fight scenes will welcome the action star Scott Adkins who will show the extent of his talent. The film will also offer us an impressive car chase that will use drones in an inventive way to show us the action and will also take the opportunity to pay tribute to the mythical chase sequence of Terminator 2 in the canal of Los Angeles. The unlikely duo of Jamie Foxx and Dave Franco works nice and is quite funny to follow especially in the first moments. Without even saying a word Snoop Dog has a lot of charisma and will have a sequence all to his glory. Don’t miss this very good entertainment to spend a perfect Saturday night!


Jamie Foxx stars as a hard working blue collar dad who just wants to provide a good life for his quick-witted daughter, but his mundane San Fernando Valley pool cleaning job is a front for his real source of income, hunting and killing vampires as part of an international Union of vampire hunters.



I Am Groot


To help us wait until the December release of The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, Marvel Studios offers us a series of short films (20 minutes in total) featuring the cutest of the Guardians, Groot! We follow him in his daily life in baby Groot mode during which he will make many discoveries such as the fact that he can grow his leaves thanks to wet mud or also his jealousy towards another plant. We discover then a well strong character and it will not be necessary to upset him too much as a poor bird will discover it. The goofy and juvenile side of Groot will be put forward too. The shorts are full of references such as Alf, Terminator 2 or the voice of James Gunn. Rocket will even make a quick appearance too. The animations done by the studio Luma Pictures are excellent and the black humor works very well. We spend a good time with our favorite Guardian!


There’s no guarding the galaxy from this mischievous toddler! So get ready as Baby Groot takes center stage in his very own collection of shorts, exploring his glory days growing up—and getting into trouble—among the stars.




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