For this new weekend, we decided to feature to you the new Marvel superhero and to follow actors stuck in a bubble!

Check out our mini-reviews and have a great weekend!

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Moon Knight


Marvel Studios continues to explore its vast catalogue of superheroes by offering us today to discover Moon Knight. This character first appeared in the comics in 1975. For the series, Marvel decided to do things in a big way with an excellent cast starting with Oscar Isaac in the main role but also with Ethan Hawke, F. Murray Abraham (who lends his voice to the Egyptian god Khonshu) and Gaspard Ulliel marking sadly his last appearance on screens. The series begins in a rather interesting way in London with a touching character who is completely lost between his dreams and reality. One of these “dreams” is very exciting and intense with its action scenes that work very well and are dynamic. But globally the pace of this new series is really slow and the setting of the story could bother some MCU fans. Thankfully the dialogues scenes between the two personalities of the hero are interesting and especially thanks to the reflections in the mirrors and other reflective surfaces. Moon Knight’s costume is really nice and a nice change from other costumes we’ve seen before. The violence is also a notch higher than Marvel’s standards giving a more adult feel to this series. If you don’t mind a bit of a slow pace, then go ahead and discover this new hero!


A former U.S. marine, struggling with dissociative identity disorder, is granted the powers of an Egyptian moon god. But he soon finds out that these newfound powers can be both a blessing and a curse to his troubled life.



The Bubble


Netflix and Judd Apatow take us back to the beginning of the Covid crisis with the new meta-comedy, The Bubble. A very appropriate title since we are offered to follow the shooting of a film with the actors and crew confined in a hotel lost in the English countryside. It is really a satire on the world of actors, they are for the most part completely crazy and self-centered. The introductory speech made to the hotel employees is really excellent. The quarantines are also a great moment of delirium managed in a very different way by each actor. The speech about the movie business is quite funny, the shooting itself and the confrontation of the dinosaurs is really funny. The caricature of the Hollywood of entertainment works at full throttle especially in terms of youthism with the highlighting of a TikTok influencer (played by the director’s own daughter) and the incessant interventions of David Duchovny to rewrite the script. With an isolation that lasts longer and longer, the story and the actors will quickly go into the great nonsense to the point of getting lost a bit on the end. But the cast is really nice to follow, especially Karen Gillan, Pedro Pascal and Leslie Mann (the director’s wife). The Bubble is a good entertainment, perfect to spend a good evening.


Comedy about a group of actors and actresses stuck inside a pandemic bubble at a hotel attempting to complete a sequel to an action franchise film about flying dinosaurs.




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